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What is Surge?

Surge – a global esports talent and media agency headquartered in Berlin. We embody the pinnacle of esports representation.

Focusing on player marketing, our all-encompassing suite of legal, financial, and marketing services allows esports athletes to prioritize personal excellence.

We deftly handle the complexities of taxes, legal counsel, financial management, sponsorship deals, and social media presence. Through ongoing research, we secure market-adaptive, industry-leading contracts that enhance player satisfaction and propel success, while maintaining a strong emphasis on individual brand development.

What Do We Do?

Our ultimate goal is to be the market leader in servicing our clients.

We believe that the client’s needs should always come first, so we work closely with our clients to offer them leading edge assistance in both personal (tax, finance, contract negotiations) and public (player marketing, PR) matters.

Rest assured that we will do everything we can to guide you on your path to excellence, and help you grow your brand.

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Our Services

Contract Negotiation

We work closely with our clients to negotiate contracts that are beneficial and are backed by industry analytics. We will make sure that you get the best deal possible and that it is tailored  specifically to your case.

Wealth Management

Balancing taxes, investments, and financial planning can be complex. We simplify these processes, ensuring tax efficiency, informed investment decisions, and a strategic approach to growing and preserving your wealth.

Player Marketing

We cover short-form video content, photo shoots, branding, social media, and media management to grow your audience, increase your engagement. 
Maximize earnings by becoming an sought-after brand.

Personal Assistance

Facing complexities and burdens in your daily life? We've got you covered. From relocation assistance and administrative tasks to insurance, civil services, and immigration, we're here to simplify and support your life, allowing you to focus on your career, every day of the year.

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What our clients say


After multiple tough off-seasons I decided to look for help during the end of 2021. After talking to people like Bjergsen and Jensen, it became apparent to me that Surge was the place to be. I've had nothing but a great experience so far with Olivier leading the charge in my transfer from G2 Esports to Karmine Corp.
With him by my side I not only hope to have better months during the League of Legends competitive calendar, but also be able to properly relax and not worry when that's the play.


I signed with Surge during my first off-season as a free agent and it’s been nothing but a great experience, and they’ve always had my best interest and been willing to help me out with basically any problem i’ve come across whether it’d be real life related stuff or esports. and of course, signing great deals


I was nervous coming into my first off-season as a free agent in my career but after meeting with Surge and seeing their level of care and professionalism I already felt like I was in good hands.

And indeed after working with them through a long off-season of about 2 months, they did an amazing job representing me and getting me the team and contract I wanted.


Surge managed to take care of any- and everything remotely close to responsibility.

I haven’t had to worry about day to day responsibilities since joining, which has lifted a significant amount of stress off my shoulders.

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